7 Steps to Healthy Eating


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How long have you been going to switch to a healthy diet? Stop procrastinating; it’s time to act. The book “Superman inhabits” the advice from the book makes the essential habit in your life easier. Here is an approximate plan for switching to a healthy diet and keeping a new diet for a long time.

Don’t look for the perfect system.

There are many power systems. All of them are aimed at improving health and will serve you equally well. You can become a vegan, a lactose vegetarian, a pescetarian, or an omnivorous, but only eat health-supporting foods.

Do not try to find a diet that will be perfect. It is better to consider the basic tenets of healthy eating in general: limit yourself to the use of a dozen or two most harmful foods and try to give them up regularly.

Eliminate sugar and fine flour

These are the most harmful products that abound in the diet of the average person. Excluding them from the diet will allow you to make your table 80% more functional.

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Here is a list of foods that should be excluded from the diet: refined sugar (including all fruit juices), agave and maple syrup, honey, refined flour, polished white rice, wheat pasta. Keep an eye on what is written, for example, on the packaging with whole grain bread, the main ingredient of which is still fine grinding flour. Don’t let yourself be fooled.

Empty, processed carbohydrates cause physical and mental dependence.

If you hold out at the initial stage, sweet buns will cease to seem so tasty. Source

It will be tough to give them up in the first year, but then things will go easier. Then you will completely free yourself from the influence of these products. They will make you seem too sweet and tasteless, and you, in fact, and not from under the stick, will prefer healthy food.

Replace harmful products with useful

If you say goodbye to carbohydrates, the body will lack nutrients and make you rush to this food. On the first pairs, look for a compromise between good and favorite food.

Replacing french fries with leafy cabbage will be pretty tricky, but baked potatoes – this is a feasible task.

Your task is to start consuming more complex carbohydrates (such as brown rice) and natural, simple carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables.

When you choose how to replace junk food, pay attention to products such as miso soup, leafy cabbage, cruciferous vegetables, tofu, nuts, and seeds. Do not force yourself to eat dishes from these products. If you do not like them, find those that will please you.

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Fight fats

Once you have successfully eliminated sugar and fast carbohydrates from your diet, you can turn your weapon against fats. Omega-6 and omega-9 are the most dangerous. They are often found in the oil, meat, eggs, and dairy products derived from animals, which were kept without walking in natural pastures. Leave only quality butter, coconut for heat treatment, and olive for salads.

Eat quality meat

Try to eat meat only from proven producers. Beef, lamb, pork, and poultry meat should be sourced from animals grown in pastures and buy fish only caught in natural reservoirs.

Try to eat the meat of animals grown in natural conditions. Source

Set the rules

If you travel a lot, have a specific mode of work, or other factors that prevent you from eating right, think ahead and set simple rules. For example, allow yourself to eat everything during your travels not to burden yourself with unnecessary chores, but at home, stick to a 100% healthy diet without any indulgences.

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Plan each meal in advance

When getting used to a new diet, finding suitable foods when you are tired or hungry is the hardest thing. It is easy to show indomitable willpower when there are healthy foods around in abundance. Still, it is challenging when any available dish threatens a considerable amount of sugar and white flour. Then you have to spend time and effort in search of what will not harm you.

When the ingredients are at hand, a healthy lunch ceases to be a problem. Source

It is best to plan each meal. Develop a standard menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for which you will always have the right ingredients at your fingertips. Then a healthy snack will become easier and more accessible for you than harmful, and you will quickly get drawn.

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